Never too late?

Sat on my computer swivel chair trying to decide whether i could really do this? will I make a mess of it all;  Negative thoughts buzzing around in my head. ‘I’m 73 yrs old, what am i doing?’ I sat there for ages, until i heard the clock in the hallway strike 4pm.  ‘ don’t want to let anyone down, perhaps I should at least do that log in they call it’  still  swiveling  around in deep thought. Bong! another quarter struck on the hallway clock.

‘Perhaps i will make a pot of tea?’ thinking aloud… ‘yes, that’s what I need’  rushing out of the study and into the kitchen,  filled the kettle with nice cold water, and was humming a little tune as I got the milk out of the fridge.  By the time the water had boiled I had decided to call it a day; after all this writing is quite tiring.



















I’m Pat,  I’m currently learning how to write children’s stories. In the past I had written short stories for my own amusement. Unexpectedly, one Christmas my son bought me a writing course, the one above, (Write Story Books For Children). He thought this would be an opportunity to make me spend more time writing!. Yes it did! and now  I’d like to share my thoughts about the course on this blog.  Feel free to read my posts and share your writing experiences with me.